2020 Vision

Dear Father God,

I thank You Father God for preparing to activate me in 2020.

Lord God, I thank you so much Father, I claim what the preacher at the Passion live said about young indviduals starting new businesses, and that i am one of those individuals who are going help bankroll the kingdom through my businesses and my business ideas,

I thank you Father god for Your Help and Vision. Dear Father God, I want to fulfill the visions you have placed within me.

Teach me Lord about finances, about investing, about product life cycles, how to manage people, how to manage my blessings, how to bless others, how to heal others, how teach others, how teach myself.

Dear Father, Lord let me never look back with regret anymore. Lord give me the direction and wisdom and decisions to never live a life of regret.

Lord let your grace be on my decision making my God. Let my decision making be Your Decision Making.

Let my heart be in line with you. Let me encounters be inspired by You.


Thank You so much for giving such an amazingly clear demonstration of everything in my heart.

Whether it be talking directly about forgiveness for what I have watched previously, your promise that you are redeeming God, or that promise and vision speaking to me that this is the year of such rising of anointing of my businesses and that amazing things will hapen. Additionally, you even pick the technologies and entrpereneurism speak directly to me. Additionally, you have chosen me specially. The verse they even mention is that “You are a new creation” which is the chain I always wear. Thank You for designing a message on Passion Live in TBN specially for me.

Additionally, Lord God, thank You for sharing with me and confirming the thought that I want to live a life and my 202s so I can be proud of my 30s and 20s. Thank You for showing me that I can create a life that I and You are proud of. I want to not only live my best in the now but also nourish my future that will last longer.


I want to build my life on You and Your Word and Your cross. Amen my Father God

Lord You wanted to start planning for the next year with days and times, so I want to do that. And You want me to segregate the days by organization.

Waking up at 5:30 AM

Going to the Gymn and taking care of the business

Provision for my Vision / Fasting Flock – Monday, start to pray over my offering

Reengauge Wednesday Friday

LeaseMagnets Tuesday Thursday

Host Your Voice podcast Saturday

Buildmy.app / Amulya.co / Workbooks.me Sunday

Building an amazing product lifecye

Vision Position Provision

Dear Father God,

I thank You Father God for placing me the right position to start unbelivable businesses that are all extremely profitable and are an incredible blessing,

Thank You Father God that You are filling up my heart Jesus. Thank You Father God for speaking to me clearly in my life.

Thank You that when I act I have Your Guidance and hand in my life.

Thank You for refilling and placing my heart beat in a unique way that I can feel love and that i will love others in a way that You designed me to. Lord God thank You Father that I will be able to love and take care of

Position Vision Provision

Thank You Lord God that You will make live a life of incredibly thoroughness, carefulness, of entrepreneurship and creation.

Thank You Father for inspiring a heart of creation within me. Lord God, thank You Lord that Reengauge will have international partnerships with incredible businesses. Thank You Father for birthing in my heart and creating a new unique vision and product. Thank You Father for protecting my creations and Your creations and inspirations.

Lord I can feel this powerful and beautiful heart and clearly the way you are moving in my life. Lord Jesus I can feel you, Praise God.

Thank You Father FOR SHOWING me Father my future and creation. Teach me to love giving. Teach me to love doing it the right way. Lord let me love the opportunity, respect the privelege and bless and work according to Your Will.

Let Me Lord be a writer of History Praise God with Your Hand. Thank You Father!

Lord Your Definition of Big is something I can’t even fathom. Lord Jesus I want to thank you that in particular of encouters that people are going to find me and encouters that find me that I never personally found out myself. Things that beyond what I initially ever expected you consistedly have done.

Lrod let me the best version of a vessel for those blessingsf and creations that You have in mind.

Make me the best version of a vessel for the blessings yOU ARE HOPING TO MOVE THROUGH ME AND THIS FAMILY. lROD God MAKE THE BEst version of a son, grandson, brother, and friend.

God make me the best version of my programmer, businessperson, kingdom kid, and everythig that you have placed in my heart. Jesus thank You Father God.

Praise the Lord when Mama and I opened the calendar on I saw the flowers Proven Winners

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