Dear Father, please help me be an inspiration

Dear Father, there is so many people stuck in addiction and it prevents them from accomplishing their purpose. Your purpose for them.

Most of the things that people do each day, don’t contribute to the greatness that you imagine for them.

Lord please guide each of my decisions such that it is the right decisions.

Lord I want You to be on my mind. The first thing that I think of. There is so much I can do, but your guiding light must direct me. Lord, You have given my ideas for the books I want to write. The stories I want to share. However, it hasn’t been easy.

Lord, God, I don’t want to be alone. I need You to be with me when I face temptation. I am so weak but help me be stronger. I don’t want to fall to gluttony, lust, or anything else.

Thank You Father, for helping me get there.

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